For Sale by Owner – Alternate Hourly or Flat Fee Service

For Sale by Owner (FSBO) is suitable for situations where the seller has already found a buyer. This alternative hourly rate or flat fee service can save costs compared to hiring a realtor who will be compensated on commission.

A Lawyer-Broker can assist with preparing the real estate documents and arranging for escrow. This service requires an average of 11-24 hours.

Common situations include:

  • Tenant seeking to buyout Landlord;
  • Buyout of a Joint Tenant;
  • An Owner who wants to sell without a realtor.

A Realtor service is more suitable when there is no a pre-determined buyer and marketing is required.

If you believe your situation may benefit from a For Sale by Owner alternative hourly or flat fee service, please contact the Law Offices of Hanlen J. Chang for more information.


Author: Hanlen Chang

The Law Offices of Hanlen J. Chang is located in San Francisco, California. Mr. Chang is a graduate of Southwestern Law School and UC Santa Barbara. Mr. Chang’s Legal Practice is focused on Estate Planning (with an international subspeciality), Business Law, and Real Estate. Mr. Chang is a member of the Bar Association of San Francisco – International Law & Practice Executive Committee.